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About The O-Shot

Tired of a leaky bladder?
Can’t sneeze or laugh without leaks?
Tired of spending money on pads and bulky adult underwear to protect against leaks?
Ask us about the O-Shot and how it can help you!
Immediate results.

During the natural aging process, some women may begin to notice a natural reduction in sexual wellness and arousal. For women, vaginal laxity and dryness are common, as are issues with having orgasms. The O-Shot treatment then stimulates the production of collagen to provide sexual enhancement. Learn more about the innovative O-Shot treatment by contacting Med Spa At Seena One in Burleson, TX to schedule your initial consultation.

Who Is a Candidate For the O-Shot?

For women who are having difficulty with sexual arousal or reaching climax, you may be a candidate for sexual enhancement treatment with the O-Shot. An effective treatment for enhancing sexual health, the O-Shot can help tighten vaginal laxity in women who have experienced vaginal childbirth and treat urinary incontinence. At your consultation, our team will decide whether you are an ideal candidate to formulate your personalized sexual wellness procedure plan.

The O-Shot Treatment Technique

The O-Shot is performed in one of our spacious treatment rooms. To begin, an amount of blood will be drawn from your arm and placed in a centrifuge. This works to separate and isolate the platelets from the other components of the blood. Before the injection process, a local anesthetic will be administered to the treatment area to reduce discomfort throughout your procedure. After the area is prepared, the solution will be carefully and gently injected into the upper vaginal area.

What to Expect After Your O-Shot

Following your O-Shot treatment, you will be able to return to your normal daily routine. All aftercare instructions will be provided by a member of our team in order to ensure you receive the best possible results. Although a number of patients may notice improvements right after the injections, it could take a few days or weeks before you see the full effect of your results as your body continues to stimulate the production of collagen. To help preserve your results, our team may suggest follow-up treatments.

Experience Sexual Rejuvenation

Struggling with sexual difficulties can emotionally and physically impact the quality of your life. Thankfully, the O-Shot can help improve your sexual health and treat a number of additional concerns. Contact our Burleson, TX facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation. 

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