Can the O-Shot® Help Improve Sensation?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 11/07/2023

Explore the benefits of the O-Shot® for enhanced female sexual wellness. Learn more about the Orgasm Shot® here.


How Can PRP Help the Skin Look More Youthful?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 10/13/2023

Learn how PRP for skin rejuvenation can help you achieve youthful-looking skin.


How Much Stronger Will Erections Be After the P-Shot®?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 03/31/2023

The P-Shot is an innovative male sexual enhancement treatment that can allow for increased sexual performance and stronger, longer erections.


Can Rejuvapen Microneedling Help Smooth Out Wrinkles?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 02/28/2023

Target fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin concerns with minimally invasive Rejuvapen microneedling.


Having Difficulty With Orgasm? Consider the O-Shot®

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 01/28/2023

Sexual dysfunction is common as we age. Now, there's a treatment for women who have noticed a decrease in libido and the ability to orgasm.


Can PRP Therapy Help Repair Acne-Scarred Skin?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 12/26/2022

Microneedling with PRP can reduce the appearance of deep acne scars. Discover the many benefits of PRP treatment during a skin care evaluation here.


Will the P-Shot Increase Your Length?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 11/23/2022

Are you interested in penis enlargement? See why so many men choose to get the P-Shot in Burleson. Our team can produce safe and natural results.


How Long After a Vampire Facial® Will I Have Redness and Swelling?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 10/11/2022

Facials can reduce many cosmetic issues like fine lines and age spots. Learn about skin rejuvenation and what happens during Vampire Facial recovery.


How Soon Can Patients Feel O-Shot® Results?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 09/28/2022

When sexual health or incontinence issues are affecting your confidence, the O-Shot may be a good solution. Find out how soon you can see results.


Four Rejuvenating Benefits of a PRP Facial

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 08/25/2022

Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses your body's own blood to help you rejuvenate and smooth skin for a more youthful glow. Find out about the benefits.


Are Your Scars Taking Too Long to Fade? Consider Fibroblasting Treatment

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 07/28/2022

If you suffer from scars that refuse to fade, then fibroblasting treatments might provide you with the solution you seek.


Will Vampire Facial® Recovery be Painful?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 06/27/2022

A Vampire Facial can help smooth skin for a younger-looking appearance. Find out about the benefits and if you are a candidate here.


How Long Will My Swelling Last After the P-Shot®?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 05/31/2022

The P-Shot provides great results for erectile dysfunction with little to no side effects and no surgery.


How Long Can Microblading Results Last?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 04/18/2022

You can expect the microblading results to work for up to two years on average, although oil production can impact the results.


Does PRP Have Female Wellness Benefits?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 03/24/2022

Female wellness is important to our team, which is why we offer the O-Shot. Platelet-rich plasma can improve sexual function and urinary incontinence.


Can A Spectra Hollywood Laser Peel Give Me Blemish-Free Skin?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 02/25/2022

Dr. Mukhtar Anees of Med Spa at Seena One offers patients in Burleson and Fort Worth, TX the Spectra Hollywood laser peel.


Get Back to Virtually Wrinkle-Free Facial Skin With SOFWAVE™ Skin Tightening

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 01/20/2022

SOFWAVE skin tightening can help you reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles by improving your collagen and elastin production.


What Can a PRP Facial Do for My Skin?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 12/28/2021

Dr. Mukhtar Anees with Med Spa At Seena One offers the PRP facial, a natural cosmetic treatment to reverse the signs of aging skin.


How Often Do I Need to Get PRP for Female Wellness Treatments?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 11/17/2021

Dr. Mukhtar Anees at Med Spa At Seena One offers the PRP for Female Wellness to women experiencing reduced sexual arousal and urinary incontinence.


How Long Do The Results From PRP for Male Sexual Wellness Last?

Dr. Mukhtar Anees | 11/03/2021

Looking for a convenient, nonsurgical, long-lasting solution for improved sexual performance? Discover the PRP for Male Sexual Wellness.


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