Burleson, TX | Dr. Anees Talks about O-Shot | Med Spa At Seena One

Dr. Anees of Med Spa At Seena One talks about the O-Shot service.


Dr. Anees: I am Dr. Anees. Ladies, I want to talk to you about urinary incontinence, a very sensitive subject. People don't want to talk about it. It is embarrassing and a big social dilemma. All kind of measures have been taken to stop it, including physical barriers. That is, pads, medications, surgical procedures. Most of them don't work, or give only marginal results.

Dr. Anees: Imagine that in the middle of the night, your husband gets an erection and wants to have sex with you. You have no objection, but you tell him that you have to go empty your bladder. By the time you come back, either your husband has fallen asleep, or lost his erection. What a lost opportunity, and what a lost chance if you are trying to have a baby. How sad.

Dr. Anees: A new procedures have been developed. It is called O-Shot. It stops incontinence in good majority of people, better than 85%. It is a small procedure where your own blood components are injected into the vaginal wall under the urethra. I have been trained with Dr. Runels, who is the inventor of Vampire procedures. I can help you.

Dr. Anees: To get more information, please go to oshot.com and learn about it. For any further questions, call us at (817) 509-0405. I will love to hear from you, and looking forward to help you. I'm Dr. Anees. Thank you, and have a good day.