Will Fibroblast Treatment Last Longer Than BOTOX® for Wrinkles?

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Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments are the latest craze in the aesthetic world. While cosmetic surgery can help women and men look years younger, many options exist for people who would rather forgo an invasive procedure. Fibroblast is a nonsurgical skin tightening treatment offered at Med Spa at Seena One (Corrective Skin Care)in Burleson, TX. Board-certified physician Dr. Mukhtar Anees and his skilled aesthetic team are excited to provide fibroblasting therapies to help patients achieve smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin. Read on to learn more about this nonsurgical skin tightening procedure and find out if the results last longer than BOTOX.

What is fibroblast treatment?

Elastin and collagen are fibers that make up the skin's supporting structure, making it look firm, smooth, and more youthful. As we age, our bodies produce less of these essential proteins, leaving women and men looking for anti-aging solutions. Fibroblast is a new skin tightening procedure that is generating a lot of buzz in the aesthetic world. Delivering tiny arcs of plasma created by a "plasma pen" or electrical discharge to the skin prompts the body's natural healing process to produce more elastin and collagen. The result is firmer and tighter skin, requiring no downtime.

How long does fibroblast skin tightening last?

As the fibroblast device is passed evenly over the target area, a high-frequency electric current is discharged to create small, micro-sized holes in the skin's dermis layer. A patient's skin is not directly touched, but the charge is released just above the skin. Patients can request a topical numbing agent to be applied first to minimize any mild discomfort. After this nonsurgical skin tightening treatment, the affected areas will be swollen and red. Our skin experts will apply a cooling gel almost immediately afterward to help with any symptoms. These typical side effects usually last 2 – 3 days. The positive impact of fibroblast will be almost immediate after the first treatment, continuing over the next 4 – 5 weeks, and the excellent results can last up to three years!

How long does BOTOX last?

For patients in the Fort Worth and Burleson, TX areas, fibroblast can be an alternative option with other popular skin rejuvenation treatments. It can get rid of wrinkles between the eyes or "11" lines, lift the brow naturally, treat lines around the lips, and even help sagging upper eyelids. It is a safe, nonsurgical skin tightening treatment that promotes collagen production and requires no downtime. So, should patients choose fibroblast for wrinkles over BOTOX? While BOTOX reigns supreme in the aesthetics world, patients will need to get touch-ups every 3 – 4 months. Working closely with Dr. Anees and our skin experts at Med Spa At Seena One, we will help determine the best option or combination of both to help patients get rid of wrinkles and have smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

At Med Spa at Seena One (Corrective Skin Care)in Burleson, TX, we offer numerous aesthetic treatments and nonsurgical skin tightening procedures. Board-certified physician Dr. Mukhtar Anees and his team of skin care experts are excited to offer this revolutionary new treatment at their state-of-the-art facility. If you would like to learn more about fibroblast or BOTOX, contact our office to schedule an in-person or online consultation today..

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