How Soon Will You See Results After A Vampire Facelift®?

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Are you searching for an effective way to improve skin texture and rejuvenate your complexion? You are not alone. A Vampire Facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that addresses common skin issues without turning to extensive surgery. Board-certified physician Dr. Mukhtar Anees and the knowledgeable team at Med Spa at Seena One (Corrective Skin Care)are proud to offer this advanced treatment option in Burleson, TX.

So, what is a Vampire Facelift, and how soon can you see your facial rejuvenation results? While some results can be seen almost immediately, it takes time for treatment to take effect. More dramatic outcomes usually show several weeks and months after your initial session. To learn how the Vampire Facelift works and more, contact a member of our team today. We can schedule a consultation and help you reach your skin care goals.

What is a Vampire Facelift?

Despite the unconventional name, the Vampire Facelift is an effective way to treat signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. This procedure combines hyaluronic acid fillers with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). To acquire the needed PRP, a small amount of blood is taken and placed in a special centrifuge. We then administer the PRP over the needed areas. Patients can plump skin that has lost volume over time while increasing collagen production. The best part is that the Vampire Facelift is nonsurgical and can be completed in just a short amount of time in our office.

Candidates for the Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is not meant for everyone. Individuals who want to improve skin texture and volume loss may benefit from other options, like facelift surgery. A personal consultation with the right provider is the best way to determine if this is right for you. Areas treated by the Vampire Facelift in Burleson, TX include:

  • Crow’s feet

  • Frown lines

  • Smile lines

  • Forehead wrinkles

  • Loss of volume in the cheeks

When to expect facial rejuvenation results

Once your Vampire Facelift is done, you should expect some minor redness and irritation. Our office can provide you with aftercare instructions to help you manage any side effects and discomfort. Since the skin will be sensitive for a short period of time, patients should use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer with SPF protection. You can resume your regular skin routine a week or more after your initial session.

Here is your expected timeline for Vampire Facelift results:

  • Almost immediately: The combination of hyaluronic acid fillers and PRP begins to work right away. Most people see a noticeable difference in the tone and texture of their skin.

  • One week: After the first week, the filler settles in and begins to take effect. During this time, the side effects should begin to subside, showing off your refreshed outcomes.

  • Three months: It takes time for your body to increase collagen production. This is why your most optimal results show several months after your Vampire Facelift.

Improve skin texture and more

Are you looking to increase collagen production and address signs of aging, like textured skin and wrinkles? Individuals of nearly any age and skin type can benefit from the advanced Vampire Facelift in Burleson, TX. Ask Dr. Mukhtar Anees about your facial rejuvenation options when you schedule a consultation with Med Spa At Seena One. Achieve natural-looking results and enjoy a better complexion long-term.

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