Burleson, TX | What is Botox Cosmetic? Part 1 | Med Spa At Seena One

Describing the other uses of Botox beyond the strictly cosmetic anti-aging benefits part 1.


Speaker 1: What is Botox cosmetic? We are often asked what is Botox cosmetic. It is a prescription medicine proven to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows caused by aging. Botox is still commonly used for its original purpose, which was to relieve painful muscle spasms. In essence, it is a purified protein which relaxes muscles by preventing transmission of nerve signals to the muscle.

Speaker 1: Regarding the cosmetic use, it was originally only approved to reduce frown lines between the eyebrows. More recently, Botox may be used for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles of the face. They are caused by contraction of the delicate facial muscles each time you frown, smile, or laugh. The benefit is that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. It also smooths the skin by relaxing the facial muscles. Botox works by blocking nerve impulses and temporarily limiting the specific muscles. These are the muscles that cause these facial wrinkles and to the tiny facial muscles that are related to these expression lines.

Speaker 1: What is Botox cosmetic injection as a treatment? The Botox cosmetic injection procedure has been used for many years. It safely reduces and possibly eliminates the lines and wrinkles in the face of numerous individuals. These facial wrinkles are the most visible signs of aging. They normally result from repeated contraction of certain facial muscles. Botox is used for the treatment of these dynamic wrinkles and lines. Every time when you smile, laugh, or frown, wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles. Years and years of making these expressions that cause a crease in the skins and make these creases permanent. For this, no eye cream or anti-wrinkle cream can smooth out these wrinkles.

Speaker 1: When Botox is injected into the affected area, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles. Then you cannot make these creases in the skin. However, you will still have the facial movements, which allow you to still look like you, but not enough movement to cause a wrinkle. Taking the Botox treatment, you will look younger. Botox helps stop the lines and creases from appearing when the brow, mouth, or nose move. In addition to eliminating or enlightening some wrinkles, Botox can also raise the eyebrows as well as the accent the edges of the mouth. The overlying skin is smooth and wrinkle-free while the underlying, untreated muscles are still able to contract, allowing you to make natural facial expressions after treatment. Forehead lines are usually horizontal lines caused by repetitive raising of the eyebrows. Over time, frowning causes vertical lines between or eyebrows, often referred to as frown lines or worry lines. Botox cosmetic reduces or even removes wrinkles by paralyzing the tiny muscles that control small lines on the face.

Speaker 1: What are the other uses of Botox? Beyond the strictly cosmetic antiaging benefits of Botox cosmetic, other uses include reducing migraine headaches, relieving excessive sweating, easing muscle aches, assisting with bladder control, some eye treatments, and post-stroke recovery.

Speaker 1: Many patients of Botox cosmetic are interested in facial rejuvenation. They are not quite ready for more radical surgical procedures such as a face lift. Patients love Botox because of the easy, pain-free process, and long lasting results. A key benefit derived from the cosmetic use of Botox can be to raise your self-esteem. This gives you more confidence in your personal appearance. Your boosted confidence can help you to reach higher places in life.

Speaker 1: How do you find out if Botox cosmetic is for you? There are risks associated with the use of Botox that will require a consultation with a qualified medical doctor to evaluate. Dr. Anees has the training and expertise to give sound guidance when it comes to considering and undergoing treatments with Botox injections. He will determine where to administer the injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles in your brow area. Med Spa At Seena One proudly serves Fort Worth, Forest Hill, Haltom City, Arlington, Mansfield, Crowley, Cleburne, and Benbrook from its state-of-the-art facility in North Burleson, Texas, convenient to I-35W. Give Dr. Anees a call today to discuss your cosmetic treatment needs at (817) 509-0405.